Performance orientated tutoring, building skills, knowledge and results.

Discover Bayside's leader in tutoring services catering for students Year 7-12. Specialising in building study skills and resilience, our experienced tutors work with students to achieve their goals and realise their personal potential.


VCE Tutors with a difference - 99+ ATAR

Our tutors are high performing students who have just graduated within the last few years, ensuring they are experts in the current rigours of VCE & IB programs. Having overcome the challenges of school themselves recently, they will transfer the techniques that enabled them to perform to their full potential so the student can do the same. Our specialist tutors for our senior students are high achieving 99+ ATAR students - rest assured you are only receiving the best tutors the industry has to offer. 


Middle School Tutoring 
We also offer tutors for younger students, with a focus on preparation for study skills and organisation. We help every student achieve their best potential in enjoyable and engaging tutoring sessions,


One on one in-home tutoring 

What sets us apart is our ability to deliver premium tutoring services true to EP Group's philosophy. We focus our in home tutoring services around building study skills and organisational habits to allow high performance learning. Our goal is to tailor lessons towards the needs of the student so they can achieve their academic best. We tackle 'performance inhibitors' by identifying focus areas a student may need to catch up on, and once our tutor resolves those, we PROGRESS to achieve the best personal results for them. 

Head Tutor - David Lin

Hi! I’m David. I graduated from Trinity Grammar School in 2017 and I’m currently studying medicine at Monash University. High school was a journey filled with laughter, but also moments where I found myself stressed about upcoming tests and assessments. It was through this 6 year struggle that I discovered the techniques – both study related and recreational that motivated me to keep going to achieve my best. In the end this hard work paid off and I finished with a 99.90 ATAR, 95th percentile UMAT with raw study scores of: English (50), Further Maths (50), Specialist Maths (43), Chemistry (45), Maths Methods (44) and Physics (45). To me, tutoring is not just about the transfer of knowledge, it is about being a mentor, a friend to my students. Having finished this high school chapter of my life, I am now dedicating myself to provide the guidance and inspiration you need to ensure you become the best you can be.

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