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Connecting you to millions of TikTok and Instagram followers. 


Our talent solutions help to drive outstanding reach and connection to local audiences. We tell stories that are real and authentic, bringing brands to life on social media. 

Combining our unique in house media management expertise, you can be assured of outstanding results.

Contact us today to discover a tailored solution for your brand at (not .com)!

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Pictured (above): Emma Jane & Chloe Weight


"We make working with talent easy, time efficient and seamless."

- Eric Peng | Managing Partner, EP Group


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We are experts in marketing with extensive experience in a wide range of industries - from FMCG, fashion, medical, government, technology to hospitality.

Our clients include some of Australia's most powerful brands, icons and destinations. We develop our commercial services to recognise your unique needs, and innovate to help you achieve commercial success.

Our in house team can provide end to end management of all your brand and marketing needs.

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A commercially orientated approach with a deep understanding of strategy and consumer behaviour.

Our difference begins in our approach and understanding.

We are a marketing firm that does things differently.


We take the time to engage with our clients to understand their unique business needs, develop a clear strategy in consultation and execute with industry leading results.

We've shared below just three of our key pillars we use to drive our client success. 

Key Consumer Groups (KCGs)

Our strategy will always consider your key consumer groups (KCGs) new and old, even the nuances within your different product/service offerings. Using a considered approach to understanding buyer behaviour, decision making and loyalty.


Pictured (above): EP Group Managing Partner, Eric Peng presenting at the

National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) on Visual Communication Design, Branding & Industry

Localisation & Emotion Based Marketing (EBM)

Brands and marketing are most memorable when localisation and Emotional Based Marketing (EBM) is considered. We consider the appropriation of brand personality, location, influencers and lifestyles to bring brands closer to people.

Consumer Psychology

Understanding what makes consumers attracted to your brand, how you acquire leads, and with a commercial focus to maximise your business performance. We review the quantitative and qualitative drivers. We translate this into your brand strategy early on, and into your media content.

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4K Ultra High Definition Video

Utilising the latest technology from our partner Sony Australia, we combine the best 4K ultra high resolution technologies with our in-house creative team.

Experience breathtaking clarity and sound in video.

Branding & Strategy

We develop innovate solutions to meet your brand's media needs. With a focus on strategic content and storytelling, you can rest assured that we can meet the highest standards and requirements.

Professional Photography & Content Creation

Our highly experienced photography and media teams work in tandem to meet the requirements of your brief. Developed in consultation with our brand team, we ensure that our content is engaging and high quality.

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